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Hello! We are Elemental Herbology

A London-based, skin care, body care and home fragrance brand based on the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We are fresh, clean and thrive to create the ultimate wellness experiences.

We believe in ethical and responsible beauty, and do everything we can to source responsibly, give back to communities, and respect the environment.

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Ethical Sourcing + Responsible Beauty

Here are some of the ways that we take positive action:

1. Committed to ethical sourcing. We source all of our ingredients from reputable suppliers, who can trace the provenance of their ingredients and demonstrate good practice throughout their supply chains.

2. Wherever possible, we like to source ingredients locally. From English Chamomile and Wildflower Honey, we are always looking to support local suppliers.

3. No palm oil

4. Cruelty-free

5. We never test our products on animals, and over 20 products are vegan-friendly.

6. Over 90% of our plastic and paper packaging is recyclable

7. All of our cartons have been printed on FSC/PEFC accredited or Carbon Balanced paper (WorldLandTrust initiative), ensuring we are meeting the highest environmental and social standards

The Five Elements

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Ancient Chinese philosophy tells us that everything in life is composed of and influenced by these five different elements. They influence who we are, what we feel, and they can be affected by many different factors such as our lifestyle, diet, stress levels, routine and the seasons.

Just as your diet and clothes change with the different seasons, your dominant element can also change throughout the year. 

Life is transient; different aspects of the environment can disrupt the flow of energy and balance. We hope you enjoy discovering your element and embracing the Elemental way of life. 

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